Gilles Deleuze and theater, or philosophy and its « other »

Deleuze StudiesDu 12 au 14 juillet 2010 : Third International Deleuze Studies Conference, Amsterdam (Pays-Bas). L’événement est organisé sous le patronage de l’Observatoire des nouvelles pratiques symboliques et de la revue Trahir.

Président de séance : René Lemieux.

Abstract : Many critical works have established links between Deleuze’s philosophy and Art. Art became the “Other” of philosophy, using affects and percepts to understand intellectual questions, working toward investigations of other regions beyond the philosophic field and construction of a logic of multiplicities. But, in these critical works which studied this question, theater was always absent. Why? Maybe, because his readers believed Gilles Deleuze’s words in L’Abécédaire, which assert a disinterest for theater: « Theater is too long, too much disciplined », « to stay four hours sit in an uncomfortable armchair, I cannot do this any more ». Nevertheless, when we read Deleuze, theater is everywhere present in his corpus. Difference and repetition is a criticism of representation, Anti-Oedipus repeats that the unconscious mind is not a theater, but a factory and denounces any form of mimesis… It seems that theatre is the “Other” of the Deleuzian works neglected by critics. A new virtuality is created, embodied in the meeting of Deleuzian thought and theatrical practices. When philosophy exits from itself, center has moved, and this escape creates a virtual line, towards theatrical practices which are a new « Other » of philosophy. But the presence of theater is inseparable from the second « Other »: Félix Guattari. It is in the unpublished plays by Félix Guattari (The Moon master, Socrates, Psyche-ghost town, Night is the end of means…) that we can uncover the realization of the movement of virtuality in the completely nomadic spirit, moving toward new manner of dramatic expression.

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